l E3 2018 Preview: All the Biggest Games for Switch, PS4 and Xbox
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E3 2018 is almost here, meaning just we're just weeks away from seeing the hottest games of the year descend onto sunny Los Angeles from June 9 to 14.

Credit: thebigland/ShutterstockCredit: thebigland/Shutterstock

This year's show will see the long awaited debut of Super Smash Bros. for Switch, as well as a deep dive on hotly anticipated PlayStation games such as Spider-Man and The Last of Us II. What will Xbox have up its sleeve to compete? We'll have to wait and see.

Here's everything to look forward to at E3 2018, and how to keep up with all of the action from home.

Where and When to Watch

Can't make it to E3? No problem -- your couch is still the best seat in the house. All of E3's major press conferences will be streamed on Twitch, and you can expect to see most of the events on YouTube and Mixer as well. Here's what to watch.

Nintendo: All About Smash

Nintendo's E3 2018 will be dedicated almost entirely to Super Smash Bros., the new Nintendo Switch installment of the company's wildly popular all-star fighting game series. Much of the game is still a mystery right now -- will it be a port of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, or a brand new game? And which characters will make the cut? We'll know for sure soon.

 Credit: NintendoCredit: Nintendo

While Smash will be Nintendo's focus, expect plenty of other big surprises from the Big N. The company may shed some more light on in-development titles such as Metroid Prime 4, Bayonetta 3 and the upcoming Switch Pokémon game, and is rumored to be prepping a Star Fox-themed racing title. Those craving some competitive action can check out the Splatoon 2 World Championship (starting June 11 at 3:30 PT), as well as the Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2018 (June 12 following the end of the Splatoon 2 tournament).

PlayStation: Spider-Man, The Last of Us II and Death Stranding

Sony is taking a different approach to this year's E3, providing a deeper dive on already announced titles rather than trying to dazzle with big reveals. In a blog post, the company said that its E3 2018 showcase will focus largely on four major titles: Spider-Man, The Last of Us II, Death Stranding, and Ghosts of Tsushima.

 Credit: SonyCredit: Sony

We haven't seen much of the latter game, which will be a samurai action title from the folks behind Infamous, so expect lots of never-before-seen gameplay. And given creator Hideo Kojima's track record, expect another bizarre, confusing trailer for Death Stranding.

Sony is also promising "stellar announcements" from third-parties and indie developers for both PS4 and PlayStation VR. Expect to see new Call of Duty and Destiny content here, as well as a few surprises, including possibly the debut of Capcom's long-rumored Devil May Cry 5.

Xbox: A Big Mystery

Out of gaming's big three, Xbox's E3 is the biggest mystery right now. The Xbox One X is already out there, and the only big, confirmed 2018 Microsoft game not out yet is the oft-delayed Crackdown 3. With the PS4 and Switch crushing it with their exclusive game lineups, the pressure's on Microsoft to deliver on first-party content.

 Credit: MicrosoftCredit: Microsoft

Fortunately, there's plenty of room for the company to do just that. Microsoft's two flagship franchises will likely return in the form of Halo 6 and Gears of War 5, the former of which could arrive as soon as this fall. Forza Horizon 4 seems like a guarantee given the racing series' release schedule, and we'll likely get a better look at much-anticipated platformer Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Microsoft typically devotes lots of E3 time to new hardware and features, so expect more news on the backward compatibility front, as well as a possible new Xbox Elite controller. Will we see beloved franchises like Fable and Perfect Dark come back? Time will tell.

The Best of the Rest: Square Enix, Bethesda and More

Square Enix is having its first E3 press conference in quite a while this year, so expect more looks at Kingdom Hearts III, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and the company's untitled Avengers game. We might even see more of the much-anticipated Final Fantasy VII remake, but we're not holding our breath.

Kingdom Hearts III. Credit: Square EnixKingdom Hearts III. Credit: Square Enix

Bethesda just took the wraps off of open-world apocalypse shooter Rage 2, so expect the company's E3 showcase to feature it heavily. We're due for a sequel to 2016's excellent Doom reboot, and now would be a good time for Bethesda to finally show off a proper new Elder Scrolls game. Will we finally get a look at Starfield, the developer's long-rumored sci-fi RPG? Who knows.

EA will return with its annual showcase, which will likely feature lots of Anthem and Battlefield V gameplay. New looks for the latest Madden, FIFA and NBA games are a safe bet as well.

Rounding out E3's major third-parties is Ubisoft, who will be showing off loot-shooter The Division 2, open-world racer The Crew 2, and pirate combat game Skull and Bones. We're hoping to finally see a new Splinter Cell game (series star Sam Fisher did just make a guest appearance in Ghost Recon), and given the success of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, we wouldn't be surprised to see another major Ubisoft-Nintendo collaboration for Switch.

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