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Bottom line: Asus will begin a “comprehensive corporate transformation” at the beginning of next year, enabling them to focus more on gaming and power user markets and how they relate to emerging technologies such as AI. As part of this shift, Asus' 11-year CEO Jerry Shen will step down and create a new company.

Shen revealed the news in an interview with Business Next, where he said that both himself and Asus are ready for something fresh. During his time at the company, he led the charge on many fan favorites, such as the original Eee PC (an early ultrabook), the Zenbook, Transformer and Zenfone lines. He’ll become CEO of a new “AIoT” (Artificial Intelligence + Internet of Things) company called iFast, of which Asus has a 30% stake.

As of January 1st, Asus will have two co-CEOs: PC business head S.Y. Hsu and global customer service lead Samson Hu. Other than a general focus on gaming, the main purpose of the restructure is to completely rework the company’s mobile division, at a “loss of inventory” cost of $160 million.

According to Asus Chairman Jonney Shih, the current mobile market is a “bloody battlefield” that’s overpopulated by budget Chinese options. While Asus’ Zenfones have been well received for the last few years, they’ve been criticised for mimicking other phones, such as the iPhone X, too closely. While Asus will start afresh, they confirmed to Gadgets 360 that they’ll keep the brand name.

"With regard to doubts raised by some on the continuation of the ZenFone brand, we confirm that we will continue to develop the ZenFone series, while also aiming to expand the gaming smartphone market. We will focus on perfecting solutions for gamers and power users."

Key to Asus’ new strategy will be the development of their overkill Republic of Gamer's phones. The first generation of ROG phone came with a 90Hz OLED screen, 8GB of RAM and an “overclocked” Snapdragon 845. It did a respectable job of being a gaming phone but failed to convince reviewers that a gaming phone was even necessary.

According to Asus, however, mobile gaming hardware is a lucrative market in Asia, where the ROG phone has seen reasonable success. Asus even suggested that they were considering releasing an entire lineup of ROG phones in the near future, with some specifically targeting the emerging “mobile esports” market.

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Surfing on public Wi-Fi is convenient, but with hackers and snoopers posing a serious security risk, it&#39;s far from safe. That&#39;s why responsible users should outfit themselves with a good VPN, and Windscribe VPN happens to be one of the&hellip;

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Donald Trump may have turned his back on the Paris Climate Agreement, but a huge number of tech firms, including Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon, have signed an open letter pledging their support for climate action that meets the targets&hellip;

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The command-and-control server for a new piece of Russian malware is hidden in plain sight: right on Britney Spears' Instagram page.

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While the Galaxy S8/S8+ are still wowing people with their high-end features and beautiful designs, attention is now turning to Samsung&rsquo;s next offering: the Galaxy Note 8. Earlier reports say the device will come with elements new to the Korean&hellip;

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Apple is reportedly looking to install its proprietary &quot;Horizon&quot; machines in about 400 external repair centers across 25 countries by the end of the year in order to reduce waiting times for iPhone screen replacements and other related issues. This&hellip;

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With zany, fun and impressively deep fighting, Arms is the next great Nintendo multiplayer game.

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Apple's new iOS 11 beta is coming soon, and it's surprisingly easy to sign up and try it out.

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A new leak suggests that Microsoft's Surface Phone could pack a built-in projector for easy desktop use.

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Steve Sansweet is a Star Wars fan so devoted to the George Lucas&#39; universe that he started a nonprofit Star Wars museum called Rancho Obi-Wan in Petaluma, California. Steve describes the purpose of his non-profit in the mission statement on&hellip;

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Back in March, Amazon announced AmazonFresh Pickup, a grocery service that lets Prime members drive to a pickup location so their online orders can be loaded straight into their vehicle. Now, Wallmart is testing a similar concept in Oklahoma City&hellip;

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