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Why it matters: Many users only consider their web browser itself when assessing online security but as Duo recently highlighted, it's just as important to examine your use of extensions as they can just as easily serve as gateways for malicious activity.

With a market share north of 61 percent according to StatCounter, Google’s Chrome is far and away the most popular web browser out there. Odds are, you’re probably using it to read this right now and if I were a betting man, I’d wager that you also probably have some extensions installed.

Google has worked tirelessly to ensure a secure experience with Chrome but its safeguards don’t necessarily extend to extensions as one security firm has discovered.

Duo Labs recently announced the public beta of CRXcavator, a free service that analyzes and produces comprehensive security reports on Chrome extensions.

Curious as to the state of the ecosystem, Duo in January discovered and processed 120,463 extensions and apps using its new tool. Of those, 38,289 (31.8 percent) were found to be utilizing third-party libraries that contain publicly known vulnerabilities. More than a third of extensions (35.4 percent) can read your data on any site, Duo said.

Furthermore, the team found that 102,029 extensions (84.7 percent) do not have a privacy policy listed and 93,080 (77.3 percent) do not reference a support site.

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Glassdoor has published its ninth annual Best Places to Work report and once again, technology companies are well represented.

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Bigger isn’t always better. The SKEYE Nano 2 Drone’s miniature design gives it an edge over the competition. Outfitted with an HD and Wi-Fi-controlled camera, this nimble flyer lets you take dynamic recordings even in tight spaces. Act now, and you…

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Tesla over the summer parted ways with Mobileye, the Israeli-based technology startup that had been supplying the electric automaker with silicon to power its autonomous driving system, following an accident involving a Model S that was traveling with Autopilot enabled.

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AMD has called its latest Crimson edition the GPU software update of the year and rightfully so. Called Crimson ReLive, it squeezes more horsepower out of the latest Polaris and older Fury GPUs and makes gaming and VR experiences more compelling.

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